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Automotive Services from Sicklerville, New Jersey

From clutch and axle repair to fluid changes, the experts at Goodeal Discount Transmissions in Sicklerville, New Jersey, offer the automotive services you need. As well as exceptional transmission services, we also provide several other automotive solutions.

Clutch Replacements

We do complete inspections, including the clutch disc, the flywheel, the pilot bearing, the pressure plate and the throw out bearing. We replace the pressure plates if they are worn. Depending on condition, the flywheel may be replaced or resurfaced. If we need to, we'll replace the throw out bearing. Often, it's the disc itself which goes first, and we will replace that if necessary.

Front & Four-Wheel Drives

When you go off-roading, or even if you are just trying to deal with extreme weather, you want to know that the four-wheel drive on your vehicle is working properly. Some cars require you to stop completely to engage or disengage the four-wheel drive hubs and others don't, but maintenance and repairs of these crucial elements is imperative. With center differential, without center differential, non-locking differential, torsion center differential - you want someone that understand your car and knows your system.

Axles & Fluid Changes

Sometimes weather can wreak havoc on our vehicles. In a major storm, you may have to drive through high water. Let us drain and refill the drive axle housing of your vehicle when this happens, even if you haven't hit the standard 100,000-mile trigger. This fluid plays a major role as a coolant and lubricant, and proper maintenance is critical to ensuring your vehicle stays on the road.
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